Though the majority of the program is taught asynchronous online, students take a course in residence on the UCI campus at the beginning of their course of study — "Introduction to Criminology, Law and Society." This accelerated 5-day introductory course for Fall 2024 is scheduled for August 19 - 23, 2024 at the UCI main campus, before the fall quarter begins. 


The two-year roadmap below is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect actual courses which may be offered during your two years in the program.  Course offerings are subject to change.

Year 1 Coursework

Fall Quarter

  • C210: Introduction to CLS
  • C212: Police, Courts, and Corrections
  • C215: Statistics 

Winter Quarter (2 courses only)

  • C213: Crime and Social Deviance
  • C216: Public Policy, Crime and Criminal Justice
  • C257: Juvenile Justice & Gangs

Spring Quarter (2 courses only)

  • C214: Research Methods
  • C211: Legal Institutions and Society
  • C254: Immigration in the U.S.

Year 2 Coursework

Fall Quarter ( 2 courses only)

  • C219: Hate Crime
  • C238: White-Collar and Corporate Crime
  • C242: Crime Hotspots

Winter Quarter 

  • C218: Social Problems, Law and Policy (Capstone)
  • C221: Sentencing and Corrections

Spring Quarter (2 courses only)

  • C217: Leadership
  • C250: Preventing Errors of Justice
  • C253: Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and Society